Get Ready for Faith Fights Food Waste

Clergy Across the Faith Spectrum to Give Sermons on Food Waste

Food Waste Weekend is now Faith Fights Food Waste, the nationwide food waste awareness campaign for the faith community.

America wastes a staggering $218 billion worth of food every year. Clergy of all major faiths are invited to learn, and then speak from their own faith perspective, about food waste and the impact is has on hunger and the environment.

Background information about food waste along with faith-specific sample sermons and a variety of “calls to action” are available for the clergy to choose from.

Faith Fights Food Waste has developed materials specifically for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Unitarian communities although other faiths are encouraged to adapt materials for their use.

Why Should You Participate?

Shine a light on the staggering amount of food that wasted in the US

When people across America attending a house of worship hear a sermon about food waste and its impact, they will be inspired to take steps to alleviate it in their life.

Help your food pantry get fresh food for hungry families

Food pantries in houses of worship can benefit from donations of excess food – especially excess locally grown fresh food donations that will otherwise go to waste.

Help your congregation learn what their faith says about food waste

All faiths teach about caring for the people about you and the planet under you, yet food waste harms both. Every house of worship can explore how they as an organization might reduce food waste. Find out more how you can help your congregation make an impact!

We have a goal.

We want to have 30,000 clergy, 10% of the nations total, participating.

It’s big and its audacious.  And it will make a huge difference in the future of the nation.

We have faith in that.

Help more faith leaders learn about Faith Fights Food Waste. Thank you again for your help.

Visit to learn more!

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