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The Opportunity

11.5 billion pounds of garden produce becomes food waste every year. Nearby gardeners want help your food shortage.

We know how difficult it is to meet the increasing needs of the hungry in your community. Gardeners in your area can help! They often grow more fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts than they can use and are happy to share some with your food pantry — if only they could find you!

What We Do
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The Solution

What is is a free nationwide registry. We enable gardeners who’ve grown too much food to easily find food pantries in their area. Today, 8,935 food pantries across all 50 states have already registered, with more signing up everyday. Don’t miss out on all of these donations of locally-grown fresh food.

Our Impact

Donating is not limited just to backyard gardeners!

Millions of Americans grow tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and other foods on their patio or rooftop. Millions more have homes with fruit trees they planted, or was planted by the previous homeowner. Even urban dwellers find that they can easily grow herbs (fresh chives, parsley, mint, and other herbs are particularly appreciated by pantry clients) in windowsill gardens. Lastly, many food pantries use to list those store bought items (canned foods, paper goods, toiletries, etc.) they are most in need of, making helpful to shoppers as well as gardeners.

  • Farmers Markets

    If you have extra produce at the end of the day, don't throw it away! Help out your community by feeding the families in need.

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  • close-up on a bag of onions

    CSA Members

    Have leftover produce? Pass it on!

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  • Community Gardens

    Grow as a community, help as a community.

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  • Man planting seeds in garden

    Farmers & Commercial Growers

    Any surplus produce could help your local food pantry feed people in need!

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  • Home Gardeners

    Have a garden at home? Any small donation can help feed a family!

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  • New Gardeners

    Even if you do not have a lot of gardening experience, you can still help people in need!

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Join the millions of people across the country using to share their bounty with their neighbors in need

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