Small Farmers and Commercial Growers

Thank you for considering donating food to a pantry near you!

Whether you have rows of unharvested food in the fields, you have product you can not move to the market, or just a small box of leftover produce at the end of a market day, don’t throw it out! Your family farm can alleviate hunger and increase food security in your immediate community. By donating extra fresh produce -including fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts- to your local food pantry, you can increase the health and wellbeing of the people in your neighborhood. connects small family farms with nearby food pantries. Whether you are a full-scale professional farm or a small, backyard operation, food pantries are eager to accept your donation of fresh food. All donations are tax-deductible and will have an immediate impact on food security in your area.

  • I Operate A Small Farm: If you operate a small family farm (your harvest can fit into a pickup truck or van), click here to find an food pantry near you. You can learn more about their specific needs and how you can help.
  • I Operate A Larger Farm: If you operate a large farm (your harvest will not fit into a pickup truck or van), you likely have more food food than a local food pantry can handle and you should instead visit Feeding America to find a nearby Feeding America food bank that can accept larger volumes of food.

Tips for Donating

  • Check a pantry’s page to see how much fresh produce they can accept at a time. If it is not listed, give them a quick call to find out!
  • Consider becoming a regular donor. Most pantries would love to accept smaller, frequent donations of fresh produce to help provide regularly for their clients.
  • Please be sure to only donate food that is high-quality enough that you yourself would eat it. Donations need to be relatively clean, and of a suitable ripeness.
  • Share a photo or video of your donation – we’d love to see it.

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