Volunteer Spotlight: Sheryl

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are so grateful to have volunteers donating their time to help AmpleHarvest.org this year! Volunteers have been utilizing their time and talents to help identify food pantries in their communities, as well as, reaching out to gardeners to let them know they can donate extra produce from their gardens....
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Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens for Eggs

Guest Post written by Chris Lesley of chickensandmore.com While keeping backyard chickens has been steadily increasing in popularity for more than 10 years, the coronavirus lockdown has spurred this gradual rise into a full-fledged flood of urban and suburban would-be farmers. Tragically, the lockdown and accompanying recession have also led to a massive increase in food...
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Working Without Going To Work

In my prior posting about a week (now feels more like a lifetime) ago, when people were just starting to be asked to work from home, when cities were not yet ordering people off of the streets, and when toilet paper was still somewhat available, I wrote about my experience of “telecommuting” over the past...
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When is a Gardener Not a Gardener?

When an “accidental gardener” grows food they never planted. Visit any online real estate site and you are asked to choose location, price range and the number of bed rooms desired. You can also select options such as a pool, washer/dryer, two car garage, etc. However you are never asked if you want already existing...
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May 18, 2009

  For most people, May 18 2009 was a lifetime ago.  The President was Obama, we were listening to Black Eye Peas, and we were still more than a year away from the launch of Instagram. For me, it was yesterday. It was also about two months from the day I woke up with an...
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